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Jacob's Story

Angel Heart

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Jacob's Story

Post by Angel Heart on Thu Oct 29, 2015 5:39 pm

I heard today there is a suspect the police arrested for child pornography that may have something to do with the disappearance of 11 year old Jacob Wetterling. This is very emotional for me to post, but i feel Jacob's story needs to be shared with all of you. My heart goes out to this little boy, his parents and family, because it seems his fate was at the hands of a monster. If you have little brother's or sister's after reading this, give them a big hug for me will you please?
Jacob's story is here.

On the evening of October 22, 1989, Patty and Jerry Wetterling, a stay at home Mom and a chiropractor, decided at the last
minute to attend a party being held by some of their friends.  Their oldest daughter, Amy – 14 at the time, was at a sleepover, and their remaining 3 children Jacob, 11, Trevor, 10, and Carmen, 8, would be fine at home.  Jacob’s parents asked him if he would be alright baby-sitting for a couple of hours while they were at the party.  Jacob didn’t mind at all and asked if his friend, Aaron Larson could come over to the house, which his parents had no problem with.  They ordered the kids a pizza,then headed off to their party, a 30 minute drive from their home.  When they arrived at the party they placed a quick call home to check on the kids and give them the phone number of where the party was being held.  Not long after, Trevor called his parents saying they were bored, and asked if they could ride their bikes to the Tom Thumbs Convenience Store and rent a movie.  Patty’s initial instinct was to say no, it was getting dark outside, so Trevor then asked to talk to Jerry.  Patty passed the phone to Jerry, and Jerry recalls how he barely said a word before Trevor launched into making his case.  “Look, Dad, I’ve got a white sweatshirt on.  Jacob’s wearing your jogging vest.  I’ve got a flashlight.  We’ll go straight to the store.  We’ll come straight back.”  And with that, Jerry couldn’t say no.  Shortly after talking to Trevor, it was Jacob called his parents next.  He told his parents that his younger sister Carmen didn’t want to join the boys on their trip to the store, so he asked if it was ok if Rochelle, the girl next door, came over and watched Carmen while they were gone.  With the responsibility their sons showed, Jerry and Patty allowed the boys to call Rochelle and head to the store.  It’s clear that these are good kids.  

Mature, responsible boys that just wanted to rent a movie.  The boys bought some candy and pop at the store and rented the movie, The Naked Gun.Jacob and Trevor Wetterling and Aaron Larson. They were riding their bikes back home at about 9:15 PM and were only a half a mile away from the Wetterling home, when an unidentified white male wearing a nylon mask and dark clothing approached the group.  The man was armed with a gun. He ordered all 3 boys to lay face down in the ditch.  He then asked Trevor how old he was, then rolled him over and told him to run away and not look back or he would be shot.  He then did the same with Aaron.  After letting the 2 boys go, the man took Jacob and disappeared into the night.  Aaron and Trevor ran as hard and as fast as they could until they felt safe enough to turn around, when they did there was no sign of Jacob or the armed man, and Jacob has not been seen or heard from since.  

The boys ran the rest of the way to the Wetterling house and told Rochelle to call 911.  Rochelle called her Dad, and he called 911.  He then called Patty and Jerry, shattering their world with one phone call.  The drive back to their house was the longest drive of their lives.It took the police 6 minutes to reach the Wetterling’s home, where they were then taken back to the site of Jacob’s abduction. When Jerry and Patty arrived back at their house the chaos surrounded them.  Trevor was wound up, unable to stop talking.  

Aaron was in a corner of the kitchen biting his nails, as though he was trying to disappear, unable to talk.  Patty recalls Trevor, Amy and Carmen sitting on the couch in absolute terror.  I can’t imagine how helpless Jerry and Patty felt in that
single moment.  Not knowing where their oldest son was or if he was even alive, and still having to worry about three other
children that were terrified, and wanting to know what was going to happen to their brother.  Jacob’s family recalls the sheriff saying, “You know, the highway patrol has a helicopter with a search light.  Should I call them?”, and the entire gravity of the situation hit them hard.  It took no time at all before the FBI was alerted to Jacob’s case and called in.  It turned out that FBI agent Al Cotelo was stationed in St. Cloud, and his son was a classmate of Jacob’s.  Agent Cotelo called Al Garber, supervisor of the FBI’s Violent Crime Squad in Minneapolis, 30 minutes after Jacob had been abducted, and let him know about the circumstances surrounding Jacob’s disappearance.  Agent Cotelo had expressed that they were all hopeful that they would quickly locate Jacob.  However, very early the next morning, Agent Cotelo contacted Agent Garber once again, letting him know that Jacob had not yet been found and the hunt was becoming more and more intensive.  Agent Garber got in his car and joined in the search for Jacob.  He recalls that as soon as he got there, he could tell that this was going to be a huge investigation, with so many things to do, and so many people needed to do them.  All the resources that could be accessed to aid in the search for Jacob were.  At the height of the investigation, there were 70 investigators working on Jacob’s case full time.  Every morning the team would begin with a briefing, then the phones would start ringing endlessly as tips and iformation poured in.

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Re: Jacob's Story

Post by Rhiannon on Thu Oct 29, 2015 5:48 pm

I am so moved by this, being the mother of an 8 month old little boy. For you to share this story and let people know more about this case, I applaud you. Thank you Amber. Tragic as this probably is, the more awareness people have that things like this still do happen, might make parents, kids, and teens more alert to people around them, and not take chances, especially around Halloween.  

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Re: Jacob's Story

Post by Kamryn on Thu Oct 29, 2015 5:54 pm

That is really scary to someone like me, I am careful and make sure my little brother is too when he is around me. People that hurt kids are just evil.
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Re: Jacob's Story

Post by Awesomeness Babe on Wed Nov 11, 2015 3:09 pm

Have you heard anymore about this Amber? I really hope they can bring closure to Jacob's family so they know for sure what happened to their son.
Something like this proves this can happen in any community, anyplace in the country.

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Re: Jacob's Story

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