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Poem- Boy of My Dreams



Poem- Boy of My Dreams

Post by Guest on Sat Dec 05, 2015 9:10 am

Here is a poem I found, dedicated to the boy of my dream, whose lips I kissed.

The boy of my dreams
Has magically stolen my soul
Like a dandelion in the breeze
Floating freely amongst the leaves
Laughing and dancing
With a song in my heart
Forever longing to feel his embrace
The thought of his smile
Makes my stomach dance
Even if he cant be mine
His friendships still enough
For when we converse
My world seems in place
Never for a moment
Did I dream Id feel like this
Laughing for no reason
For hours on end
Bubbles in my heart
Dreaming of a day
When he may be mine
Though a friend in him
Is all I really need
He seems to complete
That piece of my soul
That never really seemed there
Smiling although he cannot see
Everything that he means to me
Dreaming of his smile
And of holding him tight
Laughing and joking
Dieing for a kiss
Listening to silly love songs
To fill up the time
Once I see him online
My day seems so much brighter
As he makes everything seem alright
And though were only but friends
This boy of my dreams
Seems to make my heart dance
And leave my soul breathless


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Re: Poem- Boy of My Dreams

Post by Volleygirl on Sat Dec 05, 2015 9:42 am

How romantic Austyn. You never told me he finally let you kiss him, I think there is some attraction then, boys do not kiss unless there is. Very Happy
He is worth it, you two would make a perfect couple.

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