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 Happy April first

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PostSubject: Happy April first   Fri Apr 01, 2016 7:02 pm

Ahh yes the day of pranks the time for my parents to tell me school is cancelled thus ruining the rest of my day. A time for annoying your friends and then simply saying "well its April first". A day that ends up making you wake up really early cause your family hates you and sets your alarm clock ahead. A day to find the person you like and ask them on a date, if they say no "April fools!" then cry yourself to sleep. if say yes then you have just gained a point in your overall life.
#don't listen to Alex
This is not about joy this is not about food(who am i kidding) this is not about being thankful or religion, this is about the art of pissing off your friends like you do every day but this time with an excuse.
From Colorado to wherever you live
your April first Very Happy
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Happy April first
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