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Another chat site, perverted shit going on

Manic Psycho

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Another chat site, perverted shit going on

Post by Manic Psycho on Sat Apr 30, 2016 9:44 am

Well, before I rant, Ryan approved this post and title.

Friend of mine recently visited another chat site, along with his cousin, my friend is 16, his cousin 13. He got offered a position as a Moderator but he had to go nude on cam to do it, so the Admin could see it, like what the f*ck??? To make it worse, his little cousin, the 13 year old got hit on by several adults and older teenagers asking him to watch them on cam and then talked to him sexually, when he complained to the Moderator they blew it off,

My friend nor his cousin will ever go back there, and I cannot mention this site by name because of the policy YSH has.  but the site i am talking about should be shut down and reported, all it does is set up kids with pedophiles and encourages it.
Thunder Cat

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Re: Another chat site, perverted shit going on

Post by Thunder Cat on Sat Apr 30, 2016 10:18 am

Jace, sad reality is a lot of other sites are like that now, either the ranking people in there are power hungry, or they are pervs.

But on the other hand, there are some good ones too, but I think Youth Safe Haven is about the safest out there for younger kids other than Grom Social.

Tell your friend and his cousin to come here, they are more than welcome.


Re: Another chat site, perverted shit going on

Post by Guest on Thu May 05, 2016 4:59 pm


I wonder is it possible to report this chat site Manic Psycho was referring to and get it shut down?

Same thing can be said for old chatroom I regularly attended. The owner of that chat site over there doesn't care if a man in his 40s is masturbating in the public room in front of minors. Or that user who pretends to be 13 years old and tried to have sex with a minor locally. Another one would be some guest looking for a 10-12 year old girl repeatedly. It's getting ridiculous and the owner doesn't allow his admin to kick or ban anyone just for traffic rating's sake.  Evil or Very Mad
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Re: Another chat site, perverted shit going on

Post by Ryan on Fri May 06, 2016 9:42 pm

Sometimes the owners of those chat sites are looking at one thing in their chat rooms, that is getting a high number of users in the room. Some do it to boost their income from soliciting donations from their members, or making money from ads that run on the site or forum.
Youth Safe Haven does not make money on ads here, they are put here by our sponsor, Forumotion, and we do not ask for donations, or have a donation button. Our intention is not to make money from this site.  

Then, we got other reasons for allowing this kind of behavior in their chat room, they simply do not care or are involved in some kind of that behavior themselves. For a webmaster or owner of a forum or chat room cared about his users, especially teenagers and younger children, they would not permit nudity, or the sexual enticement of younger people in there.

First off, I would not be in a site like that,  nor administer it, nor moderate it, if the owner allowed that to continue. If a teenager committed suicide over being blackmailed by someone taking a screen shot of him or her, could you live with that on your mind knowing you allowed that to go on, even if the owner told you to?  

My suggestion is to have as many members of that site threaten to quit of the owner does not clean it up, and if that does not work, before you report the site, make sure you get screen shots, most agencies like the Cyber Tipline need information like screen shots, dates, ect.... as much detail as possible.  

Good luck to whatever you both decide to do, but please stay out of those chat rooms, there are plenty of other places to chat without having that kind of behavior that you both have mentioned that go on in those chat rooms.  

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Re: Another chat site, perverted shit going on

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