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 Child Abduction

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PostSubject: Child Abduction    Wed Jan 11, 2017 6:38 pm

Being the parent of a little boy who is almost 2 years old, stories like this one that made the news today just terrify me.
I would like everyone to read this and for any of you that have younger brothers or sisters at home, never take for granted that something like this  could never happen, this happened in a school during a public event.
I do not even want to think of what this guy had intended to do with that little boy.
Thank God the boy was able to get away from this guy and I hope he is caught quickly. This was not a parental abduction, this was a stranger abduction attempt.
From now on anyone that feels Rhiannon and I are overprotective parents I will assure them that they are 100 percent correct.

Oklahoma City police are on the hunt for an unidentified man who attempted to abduct an 8-year-old boy from a wrestling tournament at the State Fairgrounds Friday.

The police department shared surveillance images of the suspicious incident on their Facebook page, where the man is shown picking up the child and attempting to run off with him in his arms.

A man tried to abduct an 8-year-old boy from a school wrestling competition in Oklahoma City. (OKLAHOMA CITY POLICE DEPARTMENT/FACEBOOK)
“A man picked up the eight year-old child and tried to walk away with him. When the child began to kick and scream, the man put the child down and left,” police wrote in a public statement Monday.

The suspect appeared to be Hispanic or Native American, heavier set and about 6 feet tall, according to OKC Fox.

Heaven on earth is looking at my little boy. The minute he was born, I knew if I never did anything other than being a dad, I'd be fine.

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PostSubject: Re: Child Abduction    Wed Jan 11, 2017 7:19 pm

I have an 8 year old brother and just told my mom about this and she was not aware of it. She did tell me to say thank you for putting things like this in here.
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Level 50 Chat Room Elite Member

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PostSubject: Re: Child Abduction    Thu Jan 12, 2017 10:10 pm

Thank You Ryan, For Posting This..!

There Can Never Be Too Many Reminders That Sick People Are Ever Present...!

Hopefully This Creep Will Get His Day In Court, Sooner Rather Than Later...!

& Perhaps They'll Lose The Key To His Cell, Too...!
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Youth Ambassador
Youth Ambassador

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PostSubject: Re: Child Abduction    Fri Jan 13, 2017 7:49 pm

That is scary that he came into a school, maybe they should only allow parents or relatives to come and see games and keep everyone else out.

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Youth Ambassador
Youth Ambassador

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PostSubject: Re: Child Abduction    Sat Jan 14, 2017 3:13 pm

I agree, this is scary and kinda makes you think about who all the people are that come in to see school events like wrestling and basketball.

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PostSubject: Re: Child Abduction    

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Child Abduction
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