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 2 New Fun Bots in our Chat Room

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PostSubject: 2 New Fun Bots in our Chat Room   Sun Mar 05, 2017 9:51 pm

We now have 2 new bots in our chat room. "TypicalBot" and a sweet female bot named "Ayana".

Here are some of the commands you can use for both of them.

Typical Bot

$8ball <question>
Gives you a prediction to your question.
$cookie <@user>
Give a cookie to another member or hoard them for yourself.
$dice <number>
Rolls a number on a dice from 1 to the amount you put. Defaulted to 6.
$hug <@user>
Give either yourself or another member a hug.
Gives you a random and possibly funny joke.
$punch <@user>
Punch yourself or another member.
Gives you a random quote.
$shoot <@user>
Shoot at yourself or at another member.
$slap <@user>
Slap yourself or another member.
$stab <@user>
Stab yourself or another member.
$toast <@user>
Give yourself or another member some toast.
Gives you a random and possibly funny yomomma joke.

For Ayana:

Anime reaction images when someone is being bad.
Args: <user>
Fetch and display the requested users avatar.
Ayana will clean up her last 100 replies.
Direct messages a list of commands.
Anime reaction imsages when something in chat is lewd.
Get and send a random cat image from
Anime reaction image for when you just gotta pout.
Args: <text>
Send smug anime reaction image
Anime reaction images when you just have to cry.
Args: <user>
Display information about the requested user.

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2 New Fun Bots in our Chat Room
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