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 Please remember a 14 year old is not an adult yet

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PostSubject: Please remember a 14 year old is not an adult yet   Sun Jun 18, 2017 12:38 pm

I have wanted to do this post for quite some time, and due to some recent events decided to do it now.

I am not going to single anyone out, but rather than address this to the members that are 14 here, and for all of you that are older than 14.
I share this because I have raised 4 kids that were once 14, and one that is now 14.

14 year old boys and girls are at the age where they are heading down the path towards becoming an adult. By the time they hit 14, puberty is not new to them, but other challenges lay ahead. Peer pressure, increased hormones, some try experimentation, but they are  trying to be mature, but at other times still wanting to be that little boy or girl.
14 year olds need space to grow, they need their privacy, it is important as a parent and an older sibling to listen, not to pressure, or pry.
14 year olds want to be accepted by their high school peers. Individuality is not as important as being part of the group.

At Youth Safe Haven, as older members, we sometimes forget our 14 year olds are still children, we respect what they accomplish here, as many here are very talented, and act older than they really are. But we also should not expect them to be perfect. At 14 they are going to stumble and fall, but then pick themselves back up again. Sometimes they need older friends and siblings to help pick them back up.

I guess the reason I post this is because at 14 they are under a lot of pressure, and some confusion,  so let's not add to that pressure, understand they are not perfect, and sometimes need advice, not preaching.

So for older siblings in here, support, not pry, pressure, or make accusations against your younger brothers or sisters who are 14, be there as a peer that will help them if they need your help, and one who is always there to support them, hold their hand, or hug them.

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Please remember a 14 year old is not an adult yet
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